You Can Get Uncaught or Avoid Getting Caught Altogether
Reignite Closeness and Get OFF the Emotional Roller Coaster of Living with Illness. Begin to Skillfully Relate to Each Other and Comfort One Another During Stressful and Challenging Times.
  •  4 reasons you might get caught in an UN-Loving Trap
  • The 3 types of Un-Loving Traps to lookout for
  • Effective ways to get uncaught from these Traps  and live a remarkable  life together despite health challenges
I'm Dr. Jackie Black, and I partner with couples facing life-threatening and chronic illness to guide them toward a love-life they love. No matter what health challenges you are facing, you deserve to live a remarkable life together.
If you're ready to get OFF the emotional roller coaster
of living with illness, join me live to hear more! 
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